Safety guidelines for users of the school bus service

1.  At the Departure Point (Local Bus Stop in Mornings; Lunchtime and Afternoons at School)

  1. Cross Safely: Cross the road to the bus stop only when it is safe.
  2. Wait Wisely: While waiting, stay away from the roadside and avoid talking to strangers.
  3. Morning Safety: Parents, please ensure your child's safety until they board the bus.
  4. Bus Card Ready: Have your bus card ready to show or wear it where it is visible, like on a clip or neck chain. This helps avoid delays and ensures bus security.
  5. Buying a Ticket: If you need to buy a ticket, have €8 ready.
  6. Boarding the Bus: Enter the bus promptly but safely, sit down immediately, and buckle up.
  7. Seating Courtesy: Older children, please offer your seat to younger children if needed.


2.  During the journey

  1. Stay Seated: Remain in your seat until you reach your stop.
  2. Seatbelt On: Always keep your seatbelt fastened.
  3. Aisle Clearance: Keep aisles clear of bags and other items.
  4. Driver Respect: Do not disturb the bus driver.
  5. Bus Behaviour: Remember, the bus is not a playground!
  6. Following Instructions: Listen to and follow instructions from the security guard (Navettes) and the bus driver.
  7. School Rules Apply: General school rules are still in effect on the bus.


3.  On Arrival at Your Destination (School Bus Stop in Mornings; Lunchtime and Afternoons at Local Bus Stop)

  1. Correct Stop: Make sure to get off at the right stop!
  2. Safe Exit: Stay seated until the bus stops completely.
  3. Check for Belongings: Before leaving, check you have not left anything on the bus.
  4. Clean Up: Take your trash, like food wrappers and empty bottles, with you.
  5. Leaving the Bus: Exit carefully and move away from the door quickly.
  6. Safe Crossing: Wait to cross the road until after the bus has left.
  7. Stranger Safety: Do not talk to strangers.
  8. At School: Follow the supervisors' instructions and enter the school promptly.