The tariffs for the year 2020-2021 are (prices are per child and per month):

90 EUR
  • for bus for private users (not working for European Institutions)1, 2
35 EUR
  • for children in Maternelle (both bus and Navette)
  • the combination of Bus + Navette is 70 EUR/month
  • single bus ticket
  • replacement of bus card (if lost)

EU Institutions: Costs of the tickets are covered by the School Allowance of your institution. Costs for Nursery (Maternelle) children are covered by their parents. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to reimboursement or not, please contact your HR department! If your employer rejects the payment, the costs of the transport will be charged to you directly at the price of private user.

EIB/EIF: Staff are asked to consult the European Investment Bank’s My Portal pages for details on how the European School bus costs are calculated for EIB Group staff. These costs will be deducted directly from your salary.

  • 1. Private users should pay school transportation each month with direct debit.
  • 2. Deduction of 50% on third and every other child.

How our price is calculated: we calculate our price based on the Commission's document C(2013) 8971. It states: "2. Where a special school transport service is organised for a European School by its parents' association, the cost per pupil of transport to be reimbursed pursuant to Article 3(b) shall be deemed to be the sum of the actual cost charged to the association by transport undertakings, the cost of any staff employed by the association and the association's administrative expenses, in connection with the provision of the transport service, and an allowance, where the association considers this necessary, of up to 2% for contingencies, divided by the number of persons using the service."