The history of school buses for the European School starts in 1953 when the school was in rue Pasteur with a service run by the town buses of Luxembourg city. The service continued when the school moved to the Boulevard de la Foire on the Limpertberg.

In 1971, in the name of the Parents' Association, Mrs Yvette Wright, Mr Dermot MacKeever and Mr Thomas Oursin started negotiations with the Ministry of Transport with the aim of opening new bus routes outside the city limits. Mr Xavier Herlin was the legal coordinator.

In 1975 three new bus routes became operational for the 1092 pupils living outside Luxembourg city; Bertrange-Strassen, Steinsel-Walferdange and Kopstal-Bridel.


Between 1977-1979 the number of school buses (town and surrounding areas) had progressed to 12 and was still organised by the Parents' Association with Mrs Mili Tasch as secretary.

In 1982 the Parents' Association split in two, with the "Association des Transports Privés" created to organise and manage the school buses.

Let's pay tribute to the pioneers! The parents Mr Zilvold and Mr Rozema were the first volunteer presidents of the non profit association, responsible for managing the new account and making decisions concerning new routes and bus stops. Mrs Marie-Xavier Lassauzet was employed part-time as secretary and to supervise the arrival and departure of the buses. Contracts were signed with Demy-Cars, Capésius, Emile Weber, Emile Frisch and Ecker.

In 1985 the first PC made the management of the 6 private buses (for 173 pupils) easier and more efficient.


The contracts with the bus companies were modified at a meeting at the end of the school year and renewed.
An AGM of all members meets once a year. The financial report prepared by the secretariat and verified by a volunteer parent from the Court of Auditors is presented for approval.

Today a constantly increasing number of pupils use the 9 town buses (organised by the school) and the now 21 buses (organised by the "Association des Transports Privés") that serve the villages of the surrounding area. School buses help to reduce traffic around the school improving security for the children.