New users should first create an account. To do that, go to "atseee.eu > login > registration" or follow this link. Fill all the fields and "register your account".

  1. Prepare your child(ren)'s photo in .jpg or .png format, minimum size of 90 KB)
  2. Go to "atseee.eu > login" or follow this link and log in.
  3. Go to "ENROLLMENT FOR SCHOOL YEAR 2018-2019".
  4. Fill in ALL the fields:
    1. Private users should choose "company" in the field "Institutions or Private User" and insert 0000 as "staff number". To complete the registration, private users must also provide a standing order for payment. Please see question nr. 9 below.
    2. Institutional users: Choosing the institution is obligatory if you work for an institution.
      NB: If you are not entitled to have the cost reimbursed, you will be treated as private user (please read question nr. 8 below for more details).
  5. Fill in all the information for your child and upload the photo.
  6. Choose »Add child« if you want to register another child and repeat the process.
  7. Read Transport rules and Data protection policies and tick the check boxes to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of both.
  8. Click »Enrol«.

NOTE: After submitting your enrolment, you will see a confirmation page (do not close your page until it is shown) and get a confirmation emails. The time needed for confirmation page to show depends on the size of the photos. Please, be patient.  If you don't reach the confirmation page and/or don't receive the confirmation email, or you receive only one instead of two, please contact us at [email protected]

Important: You will have to re-new the registration every year.

If you lost your password or can't remember your username, go to "atseee.eu > login > lost password" or follow this link. Insert username or email that you used to register and click "get new password". Your login information will be sent to your email address.

Please send full name of the parent that subscribed at atseee.eu at [email protected] and we will communicate your username to you.

To add a new bus stop to the route, please scroll to the bottom of the drop down list under "bus number" and choose »New bus stop«. A field called " Add new bus stop in format "city, bus stop name":" will appear — please insert city and full name of the proposed bus stop there. If you don't know how to find the full name, please read also questions No. 6 and 7.

To find a full bus stop name, please go to "mobiliteit.lu > se deplacer > arrêts" or follow this link. Insert the name of the bus name into field "gare/arrêt" and click on the red circle (see example below).

insert bus stop

Click on the desired bus stop and copy the full name of the bus stop (on the image below encircled in blue).

insert bus stop2

In reality, you might find some bus stops near your house that cannot be found on mobiliteit.lu. Those might be bus stops provided either by local community or by school (ramassage scolaire). Our school buses can use those bus stops as well. Should you want to propose one of those, please provide a full name as written on the bus stop sign.

If parents are employees of EU Institutions, pensioners of EU institutions or seconded employees, the costs of the school bus transport for their child(ren) in primary and secondary cycle are covered by their employer.

  1. The costs for children in maternelle are not covered by your employer and will be charged to you directly.
  2. If you'd like your children to use both a bus and a navette, the costs of the navette will be charged to you directly.

In cases 1 or 2 of this question, please provide us a relevant standing order. See question nr. 10 for more details.

NOTE: If you are unsure whether you are entitled to reimbursement of the school bus transport costs, please contact your HR department. If your employer rejects the payment, the costs of the transport will be charged to you directly.

Payments for private users are done via standing order directly at the bank. The payment is made for the current month.

To provide us a standing order, please print it from this link, fill and sign it and send it to your bank.

Please consult the prices here.

It might be possible that some bus stops that are currently in use are not available for you to choose. Should you experience that, please notify us at [email protected]

HOW BIG SHOULD THEY BE? In order to ensure a good quality of the photo, please make sure it is larger than 90 KB. Maximum size of the photo is 30 MB.

WHAT QUALITY IS OK? If you already have a photo for documents in electronic version, please attach attach it. If not, the easiest way is to take a close-up shot with your mobile phone or photo camera.

HOW TO NAME THEM? Please name the photos of your children with »Last name, First name, Current year« (for example: Smith John, 2016).

I CAN NOT ATTACH THEM! In some rare cases the system doesn't allow the photos to be uploaded. In this case send the photos to [email protected], making the subject of the email »Photos, "names of children", Year" (for example: Photos, Smith John & James, 2016).

It might happen that some systems have compatibility issues with our webpage. If you click on "enrol" and nothing happens, please be so kind and communicate you application information to [email protected] and we will add you your application manually.

The best way to send the data is by copying the screen (create a print screen or use "Snipping tool" in Windows).

Buses with numbers 90 and on are buses provided by ministry and are free. All the children can use them without inscription. Should you have any questions on this line, please address them to APEEEL2.

  • For EE1, please see VDL for public transport.
  • For EE2, please see transport.apeeel2.lu for transport, organized by APEEEL2.

Registrations will be closed on June 15th at midnight and bus lines will be formed taking into account that day's registration. Should any places still be available on any bus, ATSEEE will launch late applications to fill those places. Please note that after the deadline you will no longer have an option to suggest a new bus stop.

When you complete the registration process, you will receive an email conformation and that confirms your registration and secures you a seat on the bus.

When bus lines are formed (presumably till middle of August) all parents will receive bus tickets for their children along with the bus stop closest to your house, the bus number your children will use and the relevant timetable. All information will also be available on our website.

Yes, your children can be subscribed to up to two bus lines at once (not bus and navette!) without additional costs. However, since our platform does not enable that, please send us the full names of your children, the numbers of both bus lines and the full names of both used bus stops to [email protected].

Yes, you can change the bus stop in the middle of the year. To do so, send full names of your children, number of the new bus line, full name of the new bus stops and the date when you'd like the change to take effect to [email protected]. Please inform us at least 10 days in advance so we have enough time to provide you a new bus card.

A bus has a route and collects the children on the way to school and drops them off at every bus stop on the way from school.

A navette is a service that only collects children at the starting point (usually close to Institutions) and drop them off at the ending point (at the school); same goes for the trip back. Navettes have security agents on them and are therefor appropriate also for children in maternelle.

Yes, they can, but in this case you will have to cover both costs. Please see sections 8 to 11 for more information on costs and payment.

Yes, you can if the children are big enough so that they don't need a special child seat.

Due to security reasons, no parents or other adults are allowed on the bus! Please see also section 26 for possible exceptions.

Parents of young children or other adults, responsible for them, will be allowed on the bus:

  1. In case of medical reasons.
  2. In any other special case, explicitly granted by ATSEEE office.

Parent will be allowed to enter the bus only with a special permission, granted in written by ATSEEE president.

Yes, you can unsubscribe from our service at any time, even before the start of the new school year if you realize that the bus lines organization doesn't suit you.


The lines for 2017/18 are no longer available. Thank you for understanding.

Your children can take the bus on the following days:


There is no bus on days when there is no school (holidays, free days, pedagogical days, etc).

The schedule of navettes is as on the table below. EE2 means navette leaves from the quai in front of the school, CPE means navette picks children up in front of CPE.


Please see the detailed timetable, including intermediary bus stops, here.

If you would like to delete a child, please send to [email protected] your child's full name and the name of the parent your child is registered under and we will delete them manually.

During summer holidays, that is between 09.07.2018 and 04.09.2018 (both days included), the bus will depart from EE1 towards CPE at 8:15 in the morning and from CPE towards EE1 at 17:00. As usually, the service is free for existing ATSEEE users.

You can:

  • Buy the tickets from the bus driver, or
  • You can order one-way tickets directly from the ATSEEE office, using this form.

In both cases, the tickets are valid for the 2018/19 school year and can be used for travel on all the ATSEEE buses published on our site.

One ticket costs 6 € and can be used for a single journey and by children only — adults are not allowed on the school buses. Since the ATSEEE operates a cash-free system, you will be asked to pay via bank transfer into our account upon receipt of an invoice.

The tickets will be sent to you at the address indicated on your order as soon as your payment is received.

We apologise in advance that no refunds can be given for unused tickets.

You can order one-way tickets only from the ATSEEE office, using this form or via email. The tickets are valid only for the 2021/2022 school year and can be used for travel on all the ATSEEE buses published on our site. The tickets are non reimbursable.